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  • Light up Any Room with the Pack of 50 Interior Fireworks Bonanza

  • Fun Pack of 50 Low Hazard Pyrotechnics Turn any Dark Room into a Colourful Display

  • Great for Parties, Bonfire Night, Birthdays, Weddings, Halloween, New Year and Christmas.

  • Contains 19 Fireworks with 6 Different Effects, Plus 6 x Sparklers and 25 x Fun Snaps

  • Safe for Inside Use – Recommended for Ages 16 and Up

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  • Curling Cobra On ignition, the tablet will continuously expand into a hissing, slithering, swirling cobra.

  • Fire Bursts Exciting orange tinged fast strobing flash pellets. Sizzling Fire Bursts flash and sizzle away.

  • Blaze of Glory Each tablet burns bright before bursting into swirling green flashes. An absolute anger.

  • Showtime Eruption Watch the volcano erupt with low smoke and bright silver sparks that shower out of the tube.

  • Smokey Joes Ignite these smoking sticks and watch them puff, puff and puff away.

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