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All of the Fireworks offered for sale are tested to comply with BS 7114: Part 2: 1998


  • All goods are offered subject to availability.
  • All images are for illustration only and not to scale.

CATEGORY 1,2,3,4

Since the publication in 1988 of the Health and Safety Executive’s Standard for Outdoor Fireworks, all fireworks in the UK have been divided into categories which govern their supply, handling, storage, transport and use. These, very briefly, are:

  • Cat. 1 Indoor Firework.
  • Cat. 2 Generally, Shop Goods.
  • Cat. 3 Requires a safety distance of 25m to be observed, and a manufacturing specification which ensures that no burning material will fall within this distance.
  • Cat. 4 Only to be used by Explosives factory, or Explosives magazine licence holders and their employees.

Sparklers – Ground

Need no description: These can be purchased in a variety of sizes – small, large and monster. Coloured sparklers are also available. Although the sparkler is a delightful firework and popular with children, it is often forgotten that for just a few seconds what is left is a piece of red-hot wire.

Be careful. (Not to be given to children under 5 years old)

Fountains – Ground

Fountains are devices that sit on the ground and emit showers of coloured sparks upwards. They don’t shoot effects high into the air – only about ten feet. They provide wide displays of beautiful colours, and can greatly enhance and complement aerial displays.

Larger fountains consist of a combination of multiple tubes fused to go off in sequence. They can easily be confused with cakes by their shape, but your clue that they are fountains is that the fuse is on the top, not the side. They provide much longer lasting displays (from 2-3 minutes!) and emit showers of coloured sparks upto 12 ft high.

Roman Candles – Aerial

Often called just ‘candles’, these burn gently for a while, periodically shooting out stars, comets or similar effects. Candles will vary in size, giving bigger effects as the size increases. A group of Candles is called a barrage or battery.

Wheels – Ground

Wheels are fireworks that are designed to be attached to some sort of vertical support, usually by a nail. When lit, they spin around their centre emitting showers of sparks, crackle, and whistles.

In addition to the well-know Catherine Wheel – coiled tube around a wooden hub, wheels are found as an arrangement of ‘drivers’ (similar too rocket motors) fixed radically on spikes. They spin at incredible speeds, looking like a circle of blazing fire floating in midair.

Rockets – Aerial

An aerial firework with its own means of propulsion. A rocket motor lifts the device high in the sky. A stick is used to stabilise and guide the rocket in flight. The rocket can always be identified by its characteristic sparkling tail on the way up.

Rockets come in a variety of sizes from entry-level rockets producing a variety of colours and effects, to top of the range products that produce thunderous reports and bright flashes.

Ground Mines – Ground

A charge which explodes at ground level – producing an enormous “V” shape of sparks, bangs, coloured stars, crackles and whistles.

Multi-Shots – Aerial

Also called Roman candle cakes. A number (between 8 and 1000+) of single shot tubes fixed together in a box (looking like a cake!!). They are basically a little firework show all in one piece, so all you have to do is light the fuse, then sit back and enjoy the show.

They consist of an assembly of tubes, usually single-shot Roman Candles, fused together to fire in rapid sequence. A quick-fire sequence of effects is fired into the air all from a single fuse. There are hundreds of different types available, producing a vast range of multicoloured effects, from scintillating showers of sparks, through to humming, screeching and bangs and flashes.

Selection Boxes

These comprise of a variety of the fireworks mentioned above. Again these can vary in size. The larger the selection box, the greater the variety, and quality of fireworks.

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